San Juan del Reparo – Garachico

San Juan del Reparo – Garachico

1 The path starts in San Juan del Reparo, along Calle El Monte, right after the crossroads, giving access to a narrow path that descends to the first turn off. Here, you turn left and then take the next turning to the right. The tar macadam surface of the road starts to disappear, revealing the cobbles of the old bridle path that zig-zags down the hill, offering some marvellous views of the town and the port of Garachico. Lava flows from the eruption of the Montaña Negra Volcano in 1706 are a typical feature of the natural landscape here. Another feature is the variety of vegetation, with the dominance of pines as the only species of trees, mixed with some rock species such as houseleeks, thowthistle, savory and some species of wax plant, without forgetting the constant presence of ferns and lichens. The trail gradually disappears on the outskirts of the village, where the first houses appear. From here, you can take the street that descends between traditional Canary Island buildings and some modern buildings, to the church of Santa Ana, the San Francisco park, the town hall and the Casa de piedra, all set in the La Libertad square.
The street on the left leads to Juan Gonzalez de la Torre square, where you will find the Puerto de Tierra and the end of the walk.

  • Remember, you walk under your own responsibility.
Interesting details

Much of the trail follows an old Bridle Path, which, in turn, follows the trajectory of the lava flows that descended from the crater of the Montaña Negra Volcano when it erupted in May 1706. The lava swept down the slopes to overwhelm the villages in its path, on its way down to the harbour, where it wiped out part of the town and reduced the size of the bay.


Pines, wax myrtle, tree heath, rock vegetation.


Montaña Negra Volcano and its lava flows. El Roque de Garachico. El Caletón (natural swimming pools).


Los Reyes church (unaffected by the eruption of 1706). Puerto de Tierra (the remains of the harbour before the 1706 eruption).


Roque de Garachico Natural Monument. Los Acantilados de la Culata Protected Landscape. Corona Forestal Nature Park.
Useful telephone numbers Santiago del Teide Information Office 922 860 348
Garachico Local Police 922 830 278 Red Cross 922 830 211 922 281 800
City/Highway Police 922 830 063
TITSA (Bus company) 922 531 300

Route details
Position Borough of Icod de Los Vinos
Start point San Juan del Reparo
End point Garachico
Distance 4,5 Km.
Duration 1 h. 30 min.
Difficulty Low
Accessibility TITSA bus routes
Slope 500 mts.