Furnishing & equipping your new home

Furnishing & equipping your new home

TBA staff has many years experience with furnishing and arranging in the field of interior design and furnishing of all types of properties, ranging from the smallest studio suite to the grandest of villas. We will be happy to furnishing and equipping your home.


This involves not just the choice of colours, patterns, textiles and style. It is more to do with how to combine them with a sense of proportion, practicality and harmony. This can be a very rewarding part of achieving your 'dream home in the sun’ and once you have mastered the basics which generally consists of planning a layout, choosing the products to fit and deciding on a decorative scheme even an amateur can create a beautiful overall design. If you’re bereft of creative ideas in terms of colours or style, or struggling to imagine a new layout, or perhaps, interior design is not your forte, do not despair, help is at hand.


TBA will be happy to offer you full service from the early design to final installation of furnishings and equipment prior to your arrival. The style of furniture will depend on a number of factors, that include your budget, the intended use of the property (e.g. holiday home or holiday rental or perhaps, both), and your own personal style and preferences. Our supplier can produce for you an estimate and design for your approval.
In the event that you choose one of our project, we can buy all approved furnishing suppliers. We can offer you a myriad of furniture styles from ultra modern to traditional, hundreds of materials for curtains and soft furnishings (manufacture & fitting included in the price), lights, ceiling fans, pictures and decorative items etc to suit all budgets. In addition we can also provide kitchen equipment including crockery, cutlery, kettle, toaster and all basic implements. Linen set are also available to include bedding, pillows and towels, so that you can enjoy your property immediately.


Many previously owned properties come complete with the furnishings and fittings installed by the previous owner. Often these furnishings are perfectly suited for your requirements; however, it may be simply a case o upgrading your purchase to your own personal standards and taste and perhaps making the best of the existing furnishings. Outstanding results can often be achieved by merely 're-upholstering’ the dining chairs and lounge furniture at a fraction of the cost of replacement. The furnishing suppliers can provide a estimate and make recommendations for 'up grading your new home’. A tight budget is one of the main reasons for the 'hands on’ approach to a renovation project but whatever your motivation, you should consider the practicalities of such a project. Are you prepared for the work? Do you have the time? If it’s a question of simply re-painting walls to update a tired décor, any reasonably competent person can master it. (Obtain advice about the type of paint that is suitable, if you are unfamiliar). Jobs such as plastering and tiling take a degree of expertise to complete them correctly, however, when it comes to plumbing and electrics though, it’s best to step aside for the professionals (in many cases it is illegal for a non qualified person to undertake this work). Mistakes with pipes and wiring can not only be costly, but also dangerous, so save up the money or 'put aside your pride’ and get the experts involved.


Perhaps your new property acquisition is a major refurbishment project? Unless you are a professional builder and have all the relevant qualifications to do all the work yourself you will no doubt be seeking the services of professionals to help you complete your project. Of course, finding reliable and talented trade’s people is never easy. So whether it’s simply helping you find and arranging a locksmith to change the locks, organizing a decorator to paint your lounge to helping you source a project manager, architect, and perhaps a whole team of workers for that project TBA will be happy to assist you.