Management and Service Fee

Management and Service Fee:

The yearly management fee is 100 euros.

This fee includes the following services, which you are not invoiced for:
• 24-hour emergency callout number for any problems or emergencies.
• Arranging and initially paying for any necessary repairs and maintenance problems.
• Time spent on getting the best quotes for, and purchasing of, any necessary items for your apartment.
• Time spent shopping for, and delivery of welcome packs and other apartment necessities.
• Closing down and securing of apartment when guests leave, this includes taking out any rubbish that they have left, emptying fridges and freezers and collection of dirty linen. This can sometimes take up to an hour of our time, depending on the location of the apartment.
• All administration, advertising and phone calls involved in arranging and securing bookings.
• Time spent creating and sending invoices and statements.
• Time and money spent on advertising on other websites.
• Shopping for and marking up of new linen.
• Dropping off and collection from laundry and sorting of all linen.
• Devising of cleaning schedules and organising of cleaners.


We can not at this stage guarantee a minimum number of weeks rental, however we assure you we will endeavour to advertise your property, along with our services, giving it as much coverage as possible. This will be done by means of website, newspapers, magazines, leaflet distribution and posters.

Monthly Accounting:

Owners will receive payment in full by the 20th of each month for holidays completed and finished in the previous month. Accounting will be supported by detailing the specific weeks of rental. Any minor items of repair and maintenance completed will be itemised, as will clean services for the period.

Invoices are issued monthly in arrears. Payment may be made to a your Euro account. All invoices plus IGIC + 7%


As the demands of the Consumer increase on a daily basis, it has become increasingly important to standardise the list of items holidaymakers may expect to find in their accommodation. The enclosed inventory details the minimum requirements. This in return will help repeat business for the Owner.

Linen, equipment:

Three changes are required for maximum occupancy. All equipment needed to the maximum occupancy is listed in the attached table. TBA will be responsible for ensuring that properties are professionally cleaned and that fresh linen is regularly supplied.

Rental Cost:

Apartment rental prices are individually agreed with the owner of the property.

TBA on agreement with the owner will give the holidaymaker 10% discount for 2 weeks and above. We anticipate the possibility of lowering prices in the low season in consultation with the owner of 10-20%.
When TBA rent out an apartment for the owner the fee will be 15% of the total rental cost.

Welcome Packs:

TBA suggests a Welcome Pack is supplied for the holidaymaker.

There are 2 types, basic and luxury.

The basic pack includes – water, milk, tea, coffee and sugar. Cost = 4euros.

The luxury pack includes – all of the above, 1 bottle of red wine, 1 bottle of white wine, 6 bottles of beer and carton of fresh orange juice. Cost = 12euros.

TBA will also supply on request any other items. eg. Bottle of champagne for special occasions. The Welcome Pack is entirely optional. However, TBA recommends the Owner seriously consider this, as it may help to enhance business.


There is an emergency telephone number manned 24 hours, 7 days a week. TBA is on standby to cover minor incidents and emergencies

Cleaning Service Costs:

There are no daily cleaning service. Final cleaning service is paid by the guests. This is an extra charge.

We suggest a proposal for calculating the amount of:


ITEM                                 PRICE
BEDROOMS                    15
BATHROOMS                  20

KITCHEN                          20
TOILETS                            10
EXTRA ROOMS                 8
EACH PERSON                10

MEET&GREET                15

*Owner bookings weekend cleans at discount 15%

Other Charges

Mid holiday clean (if required) As per changeover price less 10%

Security check 15 Euros per visit

Meet and Greet 15 Euros Per booking

General maintenance, waiting for deliveries – all charged at 15 Euros per hour

Spring clean and „After Builders” service available

Equipment Hire

We have a Z-Beds, Fans, and Portable air conditioning units available If you have young children staying you may appreciate being able to hire a high chair or travel cot.We would make that available at the start of their holiday.

To avoid disappointment we would require 3 weeks notice. A wheelchair can be hired for your guests with mobility problems. Again that would be available for the start of their holiday. We would need minimum of 3 weeks notice.


Cleaning Services:

We offer celaning services during stay with: new linen, full clean
mid holiday clean changeover price less 10%
mid holiday linen 10 Euro per person
mid holiday extra laundry 10 Euro per set

We offer equipment hire:

bath towels          5 Euro per piece
beach towels       5 Euro per piece
bed linen            10 Euro per person
tea towels            5 Euro per piece
extra pillows        5 Euro per piece
cots                      15 Euro per week
cot-bed               15 Euro per week
Z-beds                 15 Euro per week
fans                      15 Euro per week
portable air conditioning units      25 Euro per week
high chair for children                     15 Euro per week
wheelchair                                          25 Euro per week

To avoid disappointment we would require 3 weeks notice

late/early check 20 Euro
We can arrange personal assistance (guide)